Why You Should Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

One job that many people neglect even if they have a home maintenance schedule in place is cleaning their drains. Drains are something that many take for granted and just assume they will work fine until they don’t and when drains stop working properly, things can get really bad…and smelly. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, and you could save a lot of money in repairs by having the drains cleaned regularly.

Prevent Leaks and Improve Lifespan of Drain

If chemical deposits are allowed to accumulate on the inside of your drain pipework, it could cause it to corrode. When you have them cleaned regularly, though, these build-ups and the resulting leaks are unlikely to form. This increases the lifespan of your pipes, which means you won’t need to have them replaced, which will cost lots more and mean you need to clear out your home to complete the task.

Efficient and Quicker Drainage

A huge benefit of having your drains cleaned is that they will work quicker and more efficiently. You can prevent water from standing inside your drains and will only slowly trickle down. If that occurs, you definitely need to have your drains cleaned. Clean drains are also unlikely to overflow.

Prevent Foul Smells

You may think that if there any foul smells in your home, they are more likely to be coming from the toilet or bathroom plumbing. However, if any of the drains in your home and the connected pipework are not cleaned regularly enough, waste, bacteria, and mold can build up and start to produce disgusting smells that can spread throughout your home. Mold loves any environment that is damp and dark, which is why it can thrive in drains.

Flowing water is not enough to clean your drains and get rid of those nasty spores, though. You need to use a special drain cleaner or hire expert drain cleaning plumbers to help.

No More Clogs

Clogged drains can be a nightmare. Especially as they often seem to occur when you are just about to have a bath or have a mountain of dirty washing to deal with. Worse still, a clogged toilet is just horrifying. With regular drain cleaning though, clogs no longer need to be something you worry about.

Prevent Serious Damage to Your Property

We already noted that chemical deposits can corrode the pipework in your drains and how toilets and sinks can get clogged and cause backflow issues. These problems can cause serious damage to your property, which could cause thousands to repair, as well as disrupt your everyday life. When you consider that water damage of any kind, even from clean water pipes, is bad, imagine how much worse it can be if it’s your wastewater pipes that leak or burst.

All that bacteria and the harmful chemicals can seriously damage and discolor any walls or flooring it seeps out onto. But that won’t be a problem you need to deal with if you have your drains cleaned regularly by an expert team.