Common Signs Your Foundation May Be Crumbling You Need to Look Out for

Your home’s concrete foundation is one of the most important pieces of the whole property, as it is what supports the building. Any little bit of damage can become something more serious in time. Although it can be tempting to leave minor problems, they could not only put your home and family at risk but lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided.

A crumbling foundation is therefore something you need to watch out for. But what are the most common signs you need to be aware of?

Let’s highlight some of the most alarming and concerning signs your foundation may be crumbling.

Common Signs Your Foundation is Crumbling

Bowing or Cracked Basement Walls 

If you notice bowing walls in your basement, then this is a huge indicator that there are problems with your foundation. Bowing occurs when there is too much external pressure on your home’s property and leads to noticeable cracks in the walls of your basement.

Exterior Cracks in the Walls of Your Property

You should also be careful to check around the outside of your property. If you notice cracks starting to appear with them widening out towards one side, it could be your foundation is crumbling. The best way to tell for sure is to hire a professional foundation expert, who will be able to tell if you require crumbling foundation repair work.

Tilting or Leaning Chimney 

When your property’s foundations start to shift or settle, your chimney may noticeably start tilting or leaning outwards away from or inwards towards your home.


If there are any slanting or uneven walkways or floors in your home, you should check this out as soon as possible as these problems are generally affected by foundations in serious need of repair. Although indeed, flooring does not need to be 100% level, it should be as close as it possibly can be to flat and balanced.

Cracking Walls 

In other parts of your home, not just the basement, you may notice some big cracks appearing around the bottom. This is another common indication that there is a problem with your foundations like they are uneven and require repair.

Sagging Floors

If there are any sagging floors in your home or even sagging ground around your property, this could be a sign of foundation issues that need attending to. Concrete patio areas, walkways, and driveways can all start to sag and dip when foundations have problems. It’s worth checking out because sagging can also be the result of a dodgy drainage system.

What Should You Do About Crumbling Foundation?

Fortunately, if your home is suffering due to a suspected crumbling foundation, there are things you can do. The best thing would be to contact an expert foundation contractor who will be able to come out and assess the damage and offer suggestions as to how you should have it repaired. When you tackle problems like crumbling foundations the moment you are aware of them, you can save a lot of stress, potential injuries, and further damage, while keeping the repair costs down.