When is it Time for a House Foundation Replacement?

If you have problems with your property’s foundations, the biggest question you will likely have is whether you should just invest in a house foundation replacement or if it can be repaired. Generally, it is best to hire a professional inspector to assess and recommend whether the damage and problems to your foundation can be solved with just repairs or a complete replacement.

However, to give you some ideas to help you understand the amount of work that may be involved, we are going to discuss some of the most common scenarios when the best decision is a complete foundation replacement.

Foundation Was Built Using Materials That Were Poor Quality

There doesn’t even need to be existing, noticeable damage to your foundation. If you discover or known for sure, that it was constructed using poor quality materials, that really needs to be dealt with. Eventually, as is the way with many things, in time, those poor quality materials will start to deteriorate, and then you will be left with even more serious structural damage to your property.

Foundation is Deteriorating Badly

We already mentioned deterioration in the point above, but if the foundation to your property has not been taken care of and properly maintained, perhaps before you owned it, or because you didn’t realize what was required, you may have serious problems on your hands. While some deterioration is not a major problem if it has been deteriorating quickly and over a long period, it may be past the point that the foundation can be saved with repairs and that it needs to be completely replaced instead.

Some visible signs of deterioration to look out for include salt-like particles on the foundation or in your basement bulges in the walls and other parts of the structure, and concrete chipping out.

There is No Foundation

It may be a bit shocking to read the above sentence, especially if you understand how important a foundation is to the structural integrity, safety, and longevity of a property, but some properties do not have foundations. This is particularly the case with older buildings. Some of the reasons why they were built without a foundation include water table issues, soil type issues, cost, or simply because they were constructed using older building techniques.

Although it will be expensive, thanks to modern building techniques and materials, you will be able to invest in a new foundation that will take the weight of your home, and counter any negative effects there may be related to the water table and the types of soil in the ground.

It can be alarming to realize there are issues with the foundations of your property. While we do not want to minimize the seriousness of these problems, it is important to not panic. The best course of action is to contact a building contractor that specializes in house foundation replacement work and get them to come out and assess how serious the problem is and what the best solution would be.


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