Tips to Help You Choose The Right Private Investigator

Are you an employer looking to hire new staff and want to check them out before offering a contract? Perhaps you are in a relationship and have suspicions about the activities of your other half, whether you think they may be unfaithful or acting illegally. These are just two scenarios where you may be considering availing yourself of the services offered by private investigators. There are many other reasons why you may want to hire such individuals or firms.

There is a world of difference between wanting to do it and doing it, however, and you may feel intimidated. Especially as it may be your first time engaging in the services of private investigation firms. It doesn’t need to be quite as intimidating or overwhelming, particularly if you know what you should be looking for. That is what we want to discuss in the following post.

Ensure The Individual or Firm You Hire Are Fully Licensed

Whether you do this first or not, you should always check that the firm or individual has the appropriate credentials and is fully licensed to carry out their work in your state. It is a legal requirement that fully licensed private investigators display their license number clearly on their website or that they provide you with it directly.

It may be that according to local laws they need separate licenses for their business, their private investigation agency and their own personal activities in this profession.

Find Out What Their Specialties Are

Not all private investigation firms are the same. You need to make sure that the services you are paying for are the kind that you need. While many agencies and individuals will state that they can handle a variety of PI-related assignments, they may not necessarily discuss how effective they are.

Ask about previous cases they have worked on and if they have experience with cases related to your own situation. If they have worked several assignments that are similar with great results, they are likely to be a safe bet.

Never Seek Out a Private Investigator From Craigslist

As you would imagine, because all and sundry seem to advertise their services on Craigslist, you will find that many PIs advertise through this site. There are also various fakes and scam artists that advertise this way. The best way to avoid these is by avoiding Craigslist and other classified sites like it completely. A simple Google search of “Private Investigator in (enter your own city/county name)” will provide you with a list of businesses you can check through.

Make Sure You Have a Written Contract

It is important to have the details of the work you are hiring a private investigator written out in a contract. Make sure all the objectives are outlined, the hourly rate of pay you have agreed upon, agreed upon expenses and whether you are offering a retainer. You should also clarify what your expectations and the main goals of the work are. This is a way to provide protection for both you and the private investigator if things don’t go according to plan or they don’t perform as you would expect.

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