Important Signs Its Time to Call Out a Roofing Contractor

Despite how important they are to the safety and structural integrity of houses; many people fail to give their roofs the time and consideration they need. Perhaps you have thought from time to time about what condition your roof is in but have never found the time to check it. You have likely figured that as there are no leaks during heavy rain and snow and that the gutters are cleaned regularly, there is nothing to worry about.

The problem is because you are not a roofing expert, there may be any number of telltale signs that indicate there is a problem with your roof that needs to be attended to. To give you a helping hand, we have outlined in this post some of the signs you need to be aware of that indicate it’s time to call roofing contractors.

After Bouts of Bad Weather

Weather is always going to be the biggest cause of problems to your roof. Whether it’s snow, ice, harsh winds, hail, or torrential rainstorms, any of these weather conditions are reason enough to give your local roofing contractor a call to inspect your roof for signs of damage and recommend repairs.

The damage you don’t know about that continues to go unrepaired could result in more serious problems further down the line, the next time the weather is bad.

You Notice Staining

If you have gone up into your attic to get something down or to store something up there, and notice stains on the bottom of your roof decking, it may be time to contact the roofing contractors. Water stains are often a sign of a leaking roof. If this is not repaired, the problem will only get worse and your roof may give way in the long run, flooding your entire home.

Your Neighbors Are Getting Work Done on Their Roof

If your house and roof have similar ages to your neighbors and you start seeing roofing contractors working on their roofs, it might be time to have the same done to yours. Even if they are not the same age and the same wear and tear have not occurred, it could be that if your roof is made from the same materials as theirs and there has been bad weather recently, that there is some damage to yours too.

Shingles Are Missing

If you look up at your roof and see that something seems a bit wrong, when you take a look at the ground and see a shingle lying there, this is a bad sign. One missing shingle from the roof means that their others are probably loose and ready to fall at any point. Windstorms, snow, and ice all damage the nails that hold shingles in place. When they are exposed to repeated damage, it wears them right down.

You Have an Old Roof

It’s been touched upon a little above, but one of the best ways to tell if your roof needs work done on it and you need a roofing contractor to come out and assess it and even repair it is if it is old. Roofs don’t last forever and the older they get, the more worn down they get.

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