How to Have an Unrivalled Experience in Barcelona

If you’re travelling to Barcelona, you’re probably very excited and eager to have a fantastic time. If you’re short on time, then you probably want to make the most of this trip and get a real feel for the place, so although this can be a challenge, we’ve put together some ‘musts’ for you in this post. Try them and have an unrivalled experience in this brilliant place!

Explore Barcelona on Foot

Barcelona is a big city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore it on foot. Stay away from public transport for the day and spend the day strolling around at your own leisure, stopping to recharge with some fantastic street food. I suggest you go off the beaten path and go up to Horta for some breathtaking panoramic views that you won’t forget in a hurry. You could also consider exploring the city by bicycle! Make sure you take a look at Venere hotels to find a suitable place to accommodate your trip too.

Go to a Concert

Barcelona has a large number of live music venues, like Razzmatazz and Apollo, as well as some fabulous concert halls. If you’re not a fan of classical, don’t worry, as they also have jazz venues and other genres.

Fill Up on Delicious Food

You can find plenty of gorgeous food in Barcelona, so you’ll no doubt be spoiled for choice! Tapas are plates of bite sized delicious food that are a huge culinary trend in this country, so make sure you try them. Vermouth is often enjoyed with all kinds of tapas, so make sure you order one to wash your food down.

You also shouldn’t leave this place without trying the fine seafood. Catalan cooking is popular too, and affordable to top things off.

Climb a Mountain

Want a leafy stroll with awesome views? Climb Montjuic Mountain, but only if you think you can handle the journey up there! It’s less populated by tourists as it does take a bit of legwork to get to the summit, but you shouldn’t let that stop you.

Go for a Swim in the Mediterranean

Barcelona has a wide choice of beaches where you can go and relax. Simply slather on that suncream and you’re good to go!

Shop Till You Drop

There’s somewhere for everyone to shop in Barcelona. High street shoppers will instantly recognise Mango and Zara, but you shouldn’t miss Zazo & Brull – affordable yet beautiful fashion! There are even shops dedicated solely to accessories, so you can find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your new outfit. Try a real Barcelonian boutique to buy some local trends!

Attend a Local Festival

If you’d like to have a lot of fun for the whole week, visit in September. The Festes de la Merce is in town then, which is a week long party celebrating Catalan culture. You’ll love the performances, firework displays, free concerts, and children’s activities available.

Party All Night

Head over to some of the best clubs in Barcelona for a night that you won’t forget in a hurry. There’s something to suit all music tastes, whether you’re more of a fan of rock, indie, or dance.

It isn’t possible to have a bad time in Barcelona – follow this advice, and you’ll want to go back for more!

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