How to Choose the Perfect Sidekick (Pet) For Your Family

Bringing home a new pet affects all members of the household, so everybody, even the kids should be included in the discussion. The animal you decide to bring home, or in my case ‘sidekick’, will become a loving member of the family, so it’s essential that everybody is on the same page. You need to use common sense too; you shouldn’t buy a cat if you already have a pet mouse or gerbil in the home! Let’s take a look at ways you can choose the perfect pet for your family:

How Much Time Does Your Family Have to Care for a Pet?

You need to consider how much time your family has to care for a pet. If both adults are working and you don’t have time to give the pet round the clock care, you need to be careful as certain pets will be unsuitable. Some animals are lower maintenance than others, so you’re probably better off getting one of those if you don’t have much time.

Some good low maintenance animals include; goldfish, rabbits, cats, and geckos. Chinchillas, dogs, horses, and macaws take more work. Bear in mind that dogs can live for 10-15 years, while cats can live for 20. Rodents can last about 5 years, horses can last about 30, and large birds should be included in your will, just incase.

Take Your Living Situation Into Account

Where you live could play a part in the kind of pet you get. If you live in an apartment for example, it probably isn’t a great idea to get a dog. If you have lots of land or a huge garden, then a dog would be suitable.

How Old Are Your Family Members?

If your family members are too young to help take care of the new pet, you’ll be looking after it all on your own, so it’ll be hard work.

Does Your Family Have Any Allergies?

If a family member has a certain allergy, this should play a part in your decision.

Are Your Family Members Scared of Any Kind of Animal?

If one of your kids is afraid of snakes or lizards, it’s obviously not a good idea to get one of those. Discuss the animals your family don’t like.

Hold a Meeting

Is your family ready for a new member of the family? Discuss whether you think you’re ready, and take your family’s opinion into account.

Take Your Time

This is a big decision. There’s no reason you should rush into it. Choosing your new pet is a big commitment, and they could live for a very long time. Take everything into account when deciding.

How Much Money Do You Have to Commit to Your Pet

Dogs and cat can take more money to care for than a hamster or gerbil. You may need to purchase different kinds of treatment from You should be prepared to spend whatever it takes on your pet in order to keep it in good health; if you’re not, you need to reconsider getting a pet.

Good luck!

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