Fun Ways to Teach Your Kiddies German

If you’ve wanted your children to learn a new language for a long time, but you haven’t known how to go about teaching them, this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You see; being a supermom or superdad is great when you’re playing and having fun, but you need to carry that enthusiasm over to the field of education. Unfortunately, most schools don’t start with language classes until your kids are over the age of eleven. Although they probably will learn a few words and phrases at that time, their minds are much more likely to understand new information when they’re younger.

With that in mind, this post has been constructed with a view to assisting you when teaching foreign languages from an early age. Thankfully, you aren’t going to need your superpowers for this one, so put those x-ray specs down, remove that invisibility cloak and call your children into the room. Today, you’re going to hear about a couple of techniques that might help them to learn German. Excited? You should be.

Use Modern Technology

These days, there are a number of computer games aimed at teaching language to kids, and as they spend so much time on the PC, PS4 or Xbox anyway, you might as well encourage them to use an educational game. Don’t worry though, most of those products tend to teach via slightly underhand means, so the little ones probably won’t even realise they’re learning another language. Alternatively, websites like can be a great place to start.

Hold Competitions (with prizes)

Most kids are terribly competitive, and so turning learning into a competition could be one of the best ways of making them learn. How about this? Every morning, give your children five new German words or phrases to learn. If they manage to recite them perfectly to you after dinner, you let them have ice cream for dessert. Although some parents find using psychology on their children to be a little unfair, in truth, this is a proven technique, almost guaranteed to produce the kind of results you’re after.

Book A Trip To Germany

It can be difficult for children to even understand the concept of foreign languages, so taking them to the country in question to explore is usually a good way of helping them to gain some perspective on their education. Also, this will make learning become more straightforward and fun. Whilst you’re over in Germany, be sure to visit all the sights. There are some pretty amazing museums, and stunning restaurants you really must try. Incidentally, encouraging your child to order meals and deal with entrance fees at museums could also improve their skills.

If all else fails, and you really want your kids to become fluent speakers, just refuse to speak any English at home until they understand.  Also, you’d be surprised how quickly children learn when you switch all their computer language settings to German. Call of Duty won’t be the same until they pick up the lingo.

Good luck!

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