Finding the Best Plumber

Today’s blog is a guest post by Amy from who has been working with properties in Liverpool for over 10 years.

It’s really embarrassing when your drain is blocked or your plumbing system has problems especially if you are having guests or if you just want to feel good about yourself. You absolutely don’t have the time to wait for days, and so it would be best that you call a plumber who can address it straight away. But finding the best plumber isn’t always easy, and there are a lot of cowboys about!

Key things to Consider when finding the best plumber

There are a lot of plumbers who advertise their services, but you don’t know which one to choose. If this is the case, then here are some helpful tips that will surely help you narrow down your options and find the best plumber possible:

The price – You want to have an idea how much it’ll cost you to hire a plumber. The best way to do this is to call their office or visit it personally and ask for the estimate required to finish your job. You might as well check with other plumbing companies and compare prices so that you’ll know what’s too expensive or not. Before hiring them, make sure to read reviews online about the company and its services.

Reports – It is a good thing to ask for a proper report of what happened to your plumbing system and know how much the plumber charged you per hour or service rendered. This way, you’ll have an idea if they used the right tools and equipment, how long it took them to finish your job, etc. Having this information will help you if there are any billing disputes.

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies – Check that they have the relevant qualifications to due the job and also ask if they are registered with any governing bodies or professional schemes. One thing that is key if they need to mess with your boiler in the UK is that they are a registered Gas Safe engineer. This is particularly important to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning. You can check if they are a member of the official register of gas engineers here.

Tips for Hiring a Plumber for your Home

It is also a good idea to ask the plumber to leave their business card so that way, in case of emergency, you can contact them immediately. You may even want to take pictures of whatever area they worked on so that you’ll know how it looked like before they made repairs or installed new plumbing fixtures.

Be sure to maintain your new plumbing fixtures and systems properly so that you won’t have any billing disputes with your plumber. It is also ideal to avail of major discounts on plumbing services if you’ll be a regular customer as well as if you avail of the free service line or emergency 24/7 hotline number provided by the plumber’s office.

Be sure to ask for recommendations or referrals from friends, family, neighbours and co-workers so that you’ll know what the best plumber is in town. You should also read reviews online about their services and customer support. You may even want to leave a review yourself as a way of thanking them for their service.

Be sure to check the credentials of the plumber you are about to hire. You may even want to ask for their license or certificate of registration from your local council office so that way, you will be aware if they are legitimate. The knowledge and experience of a good plumber is also essential in keeping your plumbing system in tip-top shape so be sure to check the length of time they’ve been in business and if they have a list of satisfied customers.

If you’re not so keen on hiring plumbers who are pro down-to-earth professionals, then you may want to try those service providers who offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services as well as warranty period for their services.

Be sure to check out the reputation and background of the plumber before you hire him. If possible, get their license or certificate of registration from your local council office just to be sure if they are qualified for the job.

If you have a plumbing problem at home but do not know who to call, then it is best that you call the office of all your local plumbers and ask for a free estimate. There are also times when you can visit the office of your preferred plumber in order to ask questions and have an idea on how it works.

If you’re going to hire professionals who install plumbing fixtures and systems, make sure that they will show up within the estimated time frame so that way, your home will have the necessary plumbing fixtures and systems in place within your budget. Also, it is essential that you compare prices so that you’ll know what’s too expensive or not. Before hiring them, make sure to read reviews online about the company and its services.

Be wary of any plumber who charges a flat rate for their services as there are many who don’t use tools and equipment properly, lack the necessary skills and expertise. There are experienced plumbers out there who offer low prices for good services so always ask around to get one whose price is within your budget yet with good reviews of their services.

Be sure to check the local laws in order for you to hire a professional plumber. Some areas require professional plumbers to have a license or certificate of registration in order for them to legally work and be able to use tools such as blowtorches, soldering guns and others.

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