Even Superheroes and Villains Need a Holiday…

Super Sun,

It’s exhausting waking up to find some egomaniac tearing your neighbourhood apart, or some superstar with shining teeth pounding your minions for the fourth time this week. When that happens you need to be up and at ‘em, not pulling the covers up over your head and hoping the screaming stops soon. If that’s what you’re doing, then you need a holiday.


I know what you’re thinking: secret lair. Something under an active volcano, with all that geothermal power. Free power, limitless power! Power, yes, for the robotic factories, then you can have as many Spinning whatchamacallits of Doom as you want! Yes, enough even to stop Ki-

Stop it, señor. Forget about the annoying teenager and her forgettable sidekick. You could be lying on a Greek island beach, listening to the waves rolling onto the shore. A soft sound like the sea will soon soothe your mind. You’ll have lots of sun, and endless blue skies. Yes there are some tourist traps. Mmm, traps. Stop it! If your diabolical mind starts to stir, then divert it with ancient Greek culture.

We Are Sailing

You’re thinking a ship would be perfect for collecting the life in the dark depths, and it could hold a secret lab. You’re thinking you could collect manta-rays and transform them into something resembling those alien dragons.

You’ve been spending far too much time in your secret lair. Modern cruises are fun! There’ll be lots of people around, people of all different ages, professions and outlooks for you to meet. Make some friends and have some fun together. With Royal Caribbean Cruises there’s lots of activities, dining for all tastes, even theatre, and all with an endlessly changing backdrop.


You’re probably thinking of some monastery in the mountains with high, white walls. Something that blends in with the snow so well you wouldn’t see it unless you got close. Some place that looks like a haven for the just, but has been quietly perverted by some shape-shifting master of…

Hold it right there, Jack. Not every retreat holds despicable minions waiting to march down upon the innocent in a torrent of destruction. There are quiet places all over the world you can go to do just about anything you can imagine. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, nutrition, or anything else that brings you peace, it’s out there just waiting to be found.


When you head back to your life of heroic heroism or villainous villainy, it’ll be these lives that seem unreal. That’s how good today’s super-holidays can be.


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