Comic room design ideas for your little villain

Coming up with original interior design ideas for kids’ bedrooms can be something of a challenge. Yes, of course there are all the usual suspects like Paddington Bear, Cinderella, dinosaurs and fairies, but what if the children in question have a little more edge to them? What if they demand a bedroom theme with a bit more kapow! thwack! or biff! than Paddington or Cinderella can provide?

Never fear, help is on the horizon in the form of comic characters with attitude. When it comes to superheroes that deliver, then the likes of Batman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder-woman and Superman can all be relied upon. If the children want a bedroom that pulses with superhero spangles and all-action energy, then comics are the place to seek inspiration.

Be bright, bold and fearless

Between the pages of comics, we see many primary colours. Bright shades such as blues, yellows reds and greens are all heavily referenced and for an authentic comic book interior, it makes sense to work from this palette. Primary colours can be strong and dark, so balance this with lighter shades so that the room isn’t gloomy. Solid blocks of wall colour can be successfully broken up with character murals or framed covers of favourite comics.

Choose your villain

Decide if the comic theme is going to be a general free-for-all featuring everyone from Tankgirrl right through to Dennis The Menace, or will there be a focus on just one favourite character? Restricting it to one will make things easier in terms of keeping a unified colour scheme, but opening it up to the whole universe of superheroes could equally make for exciting results.

The practical stuff

Remember that as well as being an homage to superheroics, the room has to function on a practical basis. Plan where storage, bookshelves and beds are going to be positioned before committing to any decorating ideas. There are some fantastic children’s storage options available and don’t forget to exploit space underneath beds, above picture rails and behind screens – they are all perfectly legitimate places to stow away stuff.

Involve the children

Using recurring motifs such as the character logos (Batman and Spiderman work well) or printed comic dialogue (Kapow! Yikes! Ooof!) is a nice way of underlining the room’s theme. Painting distinct insignia onto lampshades, bedsteads and doors looks effective. Find old comics that can be used to decorate furniture using the decoupage technique. The children will enjoy getting their hands dirty with wallpaper glue as they stick cut out images from comics onto an old wooden chair or desk, for example. When the images have dried onto the furniture and the surface is varnished, it can look wonderful.

Finishing touches

There is a lot of superhero merchandise around and a quilt cover or set of curtains featuring a beloved character is welcomed by most children. Or perhaps a smaller item such as a rug, a ceiling mobile or a clock would be just as good. Keep an eye out for interesting merchandise at car boot sales and second hand shops where it’s possible to strike it lucky with comic hero gold.

Okay then, it’s time to start channeling your inner super hero and get started on sorting out that bedroom…

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