Benefits of Hydroseeding

If you are interested in having the perfect and pristine lawn on your property but have not heard of hydroseeding before, it may be time to change that. Hydroseeding is a modern and truly cutting-edge alternative to going through the process of sowing those dry grass seeds that you may have done in the past.

In the following post, we are going to draw your attention to some of the great benefits of hydroseeding, but before all that, so that you are on the same page as us, we are going to explain what it actually involves.

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding involves the use of stabilizing emulsifiers, fertilizer, mulch fibers, and moistened grass seed to achieve a great lawn. When you hire one of the growing numbers of hydroseeding contractors out there, they will spray their mixture over your lawn space using hydro-mulching equipment to make sure there it is evenly distributed.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Now for the really interesting bit.

It is Cost-Effective and Fast-Acting

It can be expensive and time-consuming to sow enough dry grass seeds to cover an entire lawn space, particularly if yours is quite big. However, with hydroseeding, the process is much less expensive in the long run and faster acting, meaning in less time and for less money, you can have a beautiful and lush lawn that is much easier to look after.

Eliminates and Prevents Dry Spots

If you find that your lawn always ends up looking less attractive thanks to the development of dry spots, hydroseeding may be the best solution. As we have already noted, thanks to the special equipment used by contractors, hydroseeding results in a balanced coating over the target areas, so dry spots will be a thing of the past.

Water and Wind Erosion Are No Longer a Problem

With a dry seeded or broadcasted lawn, water and wind erosion are serious issues that can prevent you from having the even and beautiful lawn you really want. Hydro seeded lawns do not pose the same kind of threat, because the seeds and mixture used to sow them are already moistened and more likely to stay in place.

Additional Watering is Not As Necessary

Following on nicely from the above benefit, the fact that the seeds and mulch mixture are already moistened before they are spread out over your lawn space, you don’t need to worry about additional watering. The moisture is jam-packed with all the nutrients and other minerals that can encourage strong growth on its own.

Less Labor Intensive

Okay, so if you are hiring a specialist to take care of your hydroseeding for you, it will involve very little work on your part anyway. However, with broadcast, sowed dry seeds, or even sod planting, there is more work involved, which means the team using these kinds of methods would be on your property for longer. Even with a medium-sized lawn, a team of hydroseeding experts may be finished covering it in just a few hours.