A Guide to Choosing Your Next Timepiece: For Females

A watch is a must have accessory for any female; it can help to dress up an outfit that looks a little bland, make an outfit pop, make our wrists look pretty, and also help us to tell the time (for when our smartphone runs out of power that is). Watches still have a place in today’s modern society, so if you don’t have one you’re missing out. With so many watches out there, it can be difficult to choose just one watch – that’s where this guide comes in. Ladies, choose your next timepiece with ease by using this guide:


First you need to consider your budget. If this is a birthday present or a gift from someone for a special occasion, it can be a little harder to set a budget as you don’t usually feel as if you can come straight out and ask them. You can find quality watches for under £100 depending on the brand you choose and where you decide to get it from, but then again you could spend a few hundred, or even a few thousand – it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend on your new accessory. Most lower end designer watches range from £100-£300, while brands like Rolex and Breitling will set you back thousands.

Leather or Metal?

What kind of material suits you best? A watch that looks great on your best friend won’t necessarily look great on you. You need to decide on the material that’s most comfortable and suits the kinds of things you enjoy wearing. A metal watch in silver or gold can look great when complemented with similar jewellery and going out/smart casual outfits, while a leather strapped watch can look lovely for everyday wear and is comfortable too. Shinola watches are a lovely choice for somebody who wants something understated but timeless.

Your Wardrobe

What do you have in your current wardrobe? You want your watch to be as versatile as possible, so it’s important that it goes with the majority of your outfits and accessories. There’s nothing to say you can’t be a little different with your choice of watch, but you might regret it when you realise it doesn’t match anything else you own. If you prefer to wear silver jewellery, then you’ll likely feel more comfortable in a silver watch. If you prefer to wear warmer coloured clothes, then gold would probably look best. A leather strapped watch can go with almost any outfit!

Dressy or Casual?

What do you want the watch for? Is it a watch for special occasions, a watch you can wear every day, or a watch you can throw on for any occasion? A dressier watch might include gems and special features like a mother of pearl dial, while a casual watch might be very understated and almost ‘plain’ (but still pretty).

By carefully considering these points, your watch will look amazing with anything you choose to wear. Let us know how watch shopping went in the comments!

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