A date with history: historical days out to please the entire family

One of the fantastic things about living in the UK is that there are limitless opportunities to experience fantastic examples our shared heritage.

This means that having a day out with the family based around visiting a historical site can take in an incredibly diverse range of places. So with so much to choose from, there really is something for all the family.


Of course keeping the kids occupied and making sure they are looking at something other than the screen of their favourite device can be something of a challenge.

Something every child loves is dinosaurs, and right on the sea front in Sandown there is a spectacular building that is shaped like a giant pterosaur. This is Dinosaur Isle, the UK’s only purpose-built dinosaur museum.

The museum displays more than 1000 of the best fossils from many geological collections in a wonderfully presented display that is open all year round. By clever use of lighting, art, audio, smells and animatronics technology Dinosaur Isle provides accessible entertainment, education and enjoyment.


The Musical Museum at Kew Bridge in London contains wonderful exhibits ranging from tiny musical boxes to the “Mighty Wurlitzer” cinema organ which rises up from beneath a stage just as it did in the Golden Age of cinema.

Self-playing instruments are a specialty and an eye-opener for anyone who enjoys music and specialist guides demonstrate all types of instruments.

With Riverview Tea Room and a concert hall that seats over 200 people there are plenty of special events which take place throughout the year.


Bletchley Park used to be ‘Britain’s Best Kept Secret’ as it was the home of the Codebreakers who job it was to decipher Nazi communications in the Second World War.

Today, the humble and modest buildings of Codebreaking Huts and Blocks with their traditional casement windows make up one of the UK’s most interesting and vibrant tourist attractions.

Set within an atmospheric Victorian estate visitors can explore and experience the previously top secret world and experience a complimentary Multimedia Guide at their own pace. A one hour outdoor walking guided tour is also available and fixed exhibitions include The Life and Works of computer pioneer Alan Turing as well as the largest display of Enigma code breaking machines on public display in the world.


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