7 Easter DIY Decoration Ideas to Make with the Kids

The easter holidays will be upon us in a matter of weeks and our children will be off school again. A two week break raises the possibility that the younger kids will become bored and need a little help with activities. The teenagers tend to keep themselves occupied with friends and video games as they are too ashamed to be seen interacting with us wrinkleys. The weather may not be good enough to play outside so the tension begins to build indoors. The kids need something to do.

What can I do to keep my young children occupied?, you may ask. Well here are a few craft ideas that you can use to hold their attention for an hour or two and pass the time a little more peacefully.

Tree of Eggs

Going with the Easter theme, how about building a tree from eggs? Is is a very simple project. All you will need is a cone, some mini eggs, a glue gun, and some hot melt glue sticks. The craft shops will be full of Easter crafting materials now so you will have no trouble finding coloured eggs. The cone can be made from cardboard. Simply glue the eggs onto the cone. Start with a ring at the bottom and work your way up. Fill any gaps by gluing in wrinkled crepe paper.

Egg Stand

This project is really cool. You will need:

  • Plastic dish
  • Large plastic plate
  • Small plastic plate
  • Cardboard tube
  1. Place the dish, upside down, on the table and glue the large plate onto the top of it.
  2. Cut a piece of tube 4 inches long and glue it vertically in the centre of the plate.
  3. Glue the small plate on top of the tube.
  4. Cut a further three inches of tube and glue it vertically in the centre of the small plate.
  5. Now you have your own stand that resembles a cake stand. Paint eggs and lay them on a bed of shredded paper, on the stand, to finish off your table centrepiece.

Egg Painting

Use acrylic paints for the children to decorate their own hard boiled eggs. The kids love doing this and come up with some fantastic designs that will amaze you.

Eggshell Vases

This is a very simple project. It involves making a hole in the pointed end of the egg big enough to place a few short flower stems in. It is a delicate procedure so make sure you have plenty of eggs to allow for breakages. Simply make the hole and empty the egg contents out. The empty shell will need to be washed out under the tap. It can then be painted. Paint an egg box to hold a few vases and send the kids out to pick flowers.

Egg Garland

The kids may need a little help with the egg garland. Using the same plastic eggs you used for the tree, make a hole through them at the fat end of the egg. Using a darning needle and some wool, the children can thread the eggs until they end up with an attractive garland. Knott the wool at each end to prevent the eggs coming off and the garland can be either hung or simply placed on a table as a great work of art.

Easter Chick

Using yellow wool and two rings of cardboard, make two pom-poms, one larger than the other, in the traditional way. Sew them together to act as the chick’s head and body. Now the kids can glue on cardboard eyes and a beak. Set the chicks in a nest of crepe paper.

Rabbit Garland

Use decorative paper or card to cut out bunny shapes. These can then be threaded through holes on their ears, onto a ribbon. This is a very quick project. The garland can be strung wherever you choose in your house.

There are hundreds of projects you can undertake with the kids over Easter, these are only a few. Hopefully the holidays will fly by and your sanity will prevail, but get some wine in just in case. We all need a little help sometimes.

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