5 Criteria to Use When Choosing A Locksmith at Home

Finding a reputable locksmith can be a pain in the ass, especially if you don’t know much about locks. If terms like astragal, the bow of a key, blank key, and others mean nothing to you, you might need a little help choosing a locksmith when you need one. Sadly, the locksmith business has its fair share of quacks and thieves.

With that in mind, here are five criteria you should use when choosing a locksmith either online or physically:

1.   They Must Be Locally Based or Near You

If you are at home and find that you might need a locksmith, a local Google search might help you to find locally based locksmiths. You can do a local business search by typing “locksmith + your location” on Google search or Google Maps. For example, type “locksmith Stamford, CT” if you live in or near Stamford, Connecticut.

There are several benefits to starting your search on Google local search, among them:

  • You will see what other customers are saying about them on Google reviews
  • Google will help you find locksmiths closest to your location
  • You can see their contact information and location on the page
  • Google will list all locksmiths around you and their operating hours

 Once you have done the search and identified a few locksmiths, it’s time to dig deeper and choose one of them to work with using the following criteria:

2.   They Must Have At Least Four Stars on Google Or Facebook

Online reviews are great for finding reputable companies to work with. Luckily, sites like Google and Facebook make it easy for customers to rank a business based on their experiences. Google reviews can be seen directly on the search results or in Google maps, while Facebook shows them on individual business pages.

Ideally, you should only contact a locksmith with at least a four-star rating on either Facebook or Google. Search for their business name on either platform or Google Maps to access the business page. Also, look out for negative reviews on a locksmith’s page and see if the issue was resolved or responded to adequately.



3.   Go for A Registered Business with A Physical Location

There are many individual locksmiths advertising their services on different platforms. However, individual locksmiths tend to be the most unreliable, especially if they don’t have a physical location or affiliation to a registered business. To be on the safe side, you should only work with a legitimate locksmith with a registered company, license and a website.

4.   Which Locksmith Services Do They Offer?

Locksmiths tend to specialize in one area to gain experience and build a reputation. For instance, some locksmiths might be known for rekeying or replacing locks while others specialize in picking locks. Depending on the locksmith services you are after, you should find out from the internet or calling if a locksmith offers what you need.

5.   Ask for Certification or License

Depending on where you live or located, you might find that locksmiths need a special operating license or certification to work. It’s normal for local authorities to keep a record of all licensed or certified locksmith for security reasons. For instance, in Connecticut, any business or person in the locksmith trade must have a locksmith license from the commissioner’s office.

Final Remarks

Finding a reputable and reliable locksmith can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. The last thing you want is to contract a locksmith that does shoddy work leaving you exposed to thieves and home invaders.