Show Your Child How to Help Out With the Family Dog Regardless of Age

Almost all kids love dogs. If you’re thinking of getting a dog for your family, or already have one and would like to teach your child the responsibilities of owning a pet, then you should get your child involved with the day to day care of the dog. They can help out regardless of age – you’ll just need to alter certain things and supervise them. Here’s how you can get your child to help out:

  • 2 Years – at this age your child should be getting used to your dog, however; you should always supervise the both of them. An exposure to pets at an early age will give your child a lifelong love of animals.

  • Ages 2-4 Years – it isn’t uncommon for kids at this age to act out around pets and handle them inappropriately. At this age, you need to teach the kids to respect your dog’s space and learn what is not allowed when dealing with your dog. This is important both for the dog and the child. Teach them how to stroke the dog properly.

  • 4 Years – you can get your child to brush the dog for a few minutes with supervision.

  • 5 Years – you can encourage your child to help you walk the dog at this age by holding on to the lead with you. You shouldn’t let them hold on to the lead alone though. They can also feed the dog a treat with an open palm.

  • 6 Years – you can teach 6 year olds to give commands to your dog without confusing them. Supervised play can also be introduced at this point.

  • 7-8 Years – with supervision, 7-8 year olds may be able to hold the lead on their own. This should only be with a small dog or a well trained large dog. This should be in an enclosed, safe space to start with. Make sure they don’t overuse commands with your dog.

  • 9-10 Years – your kids can be given a little more responsibility at this age. Teach them how to feed and water your dog, with what he eats, how much of it, and encourage them to get involved with the routine. They should also help keep the dog’s area tidy.

  • 11 Years – your child will need minimal supervision with the dog now. You should still monitor what they’re doing from a distance however.

  • 12 Years – this is a good time to start teaching them about your dog’s health and what to look out for in regards to problems.

  • 13-14 Years – your child will now have the skills needed to care for your dog as you supervise from a distance. However, it’s important to make sure that they don’t lose an interest or start cutting corners. You could even introduce the child to chores for pocket money, such as washing the dog’s bowls and giving them flea treatment from

As your child undertakes the tasks above, it’s important not to push them into anything that they really don’t want to do. By easing them into caring for a dog this way, you will have created a future responsible pet owner!


A date with history: historical days out to please the entire family

One of the fantastic things about living in the UK is that there are limitless opportunities to experience fantastic examples our shared heritage.

This means that having a day out with the family based around visiting a historical site can take in an incredibly diverse range of places. So with so much to choose from, there really is something for all the family.


Of course keeping the kids occupied and making sure they are looking at something other than the screen of their favourite device can be something of a challenge.

Something every child loves is dinosaurs, and right on the sea front in Sandown there is a spectacular building that is shaped like a giant pterosaur. This is Dinosaur Isle, the UK’s only purpose-built dinosaur museum.

The museum displays more than 1000 of the best fossils from many geological collections in a wonderfully presented display that is open all year round. By clever use of lighting, art, audio, smells and animatronics technology Dinosaur Isle provides accessible entertainment, education and enjoyment.


The Musical Museum at Kew Bridge in London contains wonderful exhibits ranging from tiny musical boxes to the “Mighty Wurlitzer” cinema organ which rises up from beneath a stage just as it did in the Golden Age of cinema.

Self-playing instruments are a specialty and an eye-opener for anyone who enjoys music and specialist guides demonstrate all types of instruments.

With Riverview Tea Room and a concert hall that seats over 200 people there are plenty of special events which take place throughout the year.


Bletchley Park used to be ‘Britain’s Best Kept Secret’ as it was the home of the Codebreakers who job it was to decipher Nazi communications in the Second World War.

Today, the humble and modest buildings of Codebreaking Huts and Blocks with their traditional casement windows make up one of the UK’s most interesting and vibrant tourist attractions.

Set within an atmospheric Victorian estate visitors can explore and experience the previously top secret world and experience a complimentary Multimedia Guide at their own pace. A one hour outdoor walking guided tour is also available and fixed exhibitions include The Life and Works of computer pioneer Alan Turing as well as the largest display of Enigma code breaking machines on public display in the world.



Help your children feel less pressure in life

It is in the nature of parenthood to wish only the best things for your children. It is, also, a natural tendency, according to the evolution,  that adults attempt to teach new generations everything they know and to expect from them to be better, smarter, faster, happier. But, is that always the best thing to do and wouldn’t it be better if we left our children alone, to find their own way?

There are many scientific researches that have shown how dangerous can it be to put children under pressure expecting only the best of them. Their young bodies and unformed brains are not able to endure great pressure based on high expectations which comes from their parents and sometimes it can lead into serious health problems.

What do we do wrong?

First of all, it is important to say that there is positive and negative stress.  In some situations, stress is our friend, which immediately encourages the body to produce more adrenaline and other enzymes crucial for survival and making the best results. But, on the other hand, there are many negative aspects of stress. Being under constant pressure, having a lot of obligations, being always expected to do the best thing can produce anxiety, especially when children are in that situation.

Parents often tend to be completely involved in the lives of their kids. Maybe they are trying really hard, wishing them all the best and sacrificing private life for children, but is this the best for them? Having high expectations is not always the worst thing, as long as one knows where to stop.

For example, if you are getting mad and nervous when your child fails to achieve good results in school or in music class then you are the one who is in problem. Don’t you ever think that good marks are something your child owns you because you gave him everything – your child is not your project.

Your son is not your toy, and your daughter is not here to fix everything you have done wrong. What good will it do if you make their day over scheduled? If they always have ten things on mind, they won’t be able to do any of them with joy and passion. Being over scheduled is one of the worst stressors in modern times.

What should we do instead?

On the one hand, parents are not the only factor in producing stress in children because it is also the educational system which forces children never to fail. But, on the other hand, parents are the first who should help their children to feel less pressure in life.

Most of the kids who feel anxious are practicing negative “self talk”. That means that they are talking to themselves about everything bad that possibly happen. Now, as parents, we have to explain them what “self talk” is and to help them avoid negative sentences. Instead of negative ones, we must teach them how to think positively, predicting good results and events. This is the way to help them be less worried and feel more relaxed.

Every kid is specific. While some of them can handle the pressure the others can not. Some of the best sportsmen do their best while they are under pressure, or under stress, because this is when they are motivated to give the most they can. The others often fail when it is the most important to be good because they are not capable of managing stressful situations.

If your child belongs to the second group there are a few things you could do to help him feel less stressed.

  • What every parent needs to know is that good sleep is essential for healthy and unstressed life. The one who is well-rested is, at the same time, the one who is well-prepared to deal with daily challenges.
  • Sometimes low blood sugar has the same symptoms as anxiety. This is why nutrition is basic thing to think of. Proper food with a lot of proteins is very important if we want to have children that are confident and unworried.
  • Increasing heart rate helps burning adrenaline and this is why every kind of exercise is beneficial for children. It can be some kind of sport activity or simply having fun with friends in the playground.
  •  Maybe it sounds strange, but some distraction is extremely good for mental health while we are over scheduled.  This is why you should allow your child to play a video game or watch cartoons between obligations. His mind will get relaxed and ready for the next challenge. According to that, having a stress ball on the table where your kid is learning his lessons can be a right choice.
  • Don’t teach your child to be a perfectionist. Everybody has a right to make a mistake, to be under his usual level and lose the game. Instead, show him that everything can be considered as fun because having good laughter releases tension from our muscles and mind.
  • Think about the best combination of colors in a child’s room. Every color has a specific effect on our mood. Try to pick a relaxing one. 

Supermom? The Hidden Secrets Behind Cheap Fancy Dress Outfits

If your kids have come home, announcing that they’ve been invited to a fancy dress party, you’re probably sitting there, thinking how much this is going to set you back. Many parents often struggle with fancy dress parties, since they don’t know where to begin. However, there’s no need to worry, as there are in fact ways in which you can give your kids the fancy dress outfit they deserve, without forking out a ton of cash.

Find Out What They Need to Wear

The basis of all your decisions, you must first decide what the requirements are for the party. The children might have to follow a set theme, and so it won’t help if you find an amazingly cheap fancy dress outfit, that does not follow the theme.

Shop Around

Once you’ve got a sense of what your kids are looking to wear, or who they need to be like, you can begin shopping around for a fancy dress outfit. Most parents will just visit one shop, and then make their decisions based on what they see there. However, this would not be the best way to go about things. In fact, it can often prove helpful to shop around as much as you can, in order to find a bargain.

In addition to this, you might also want to think about using some of the online outlets available to you. Stores such as are able to provide you with a huge variety of fancy dress outfits, at a fraction of the cost that you would have otherwise had to face. The savings they make from not having to have a physical store are often passed onto you, the customer. In some cases, it might help to first look in an actual store, and then take a look online to see if you can get the same item at a cheaper price.

Make it Yourself

For the parents who are feeling confident, making a fancy dress outfit is certainly something that they should consider. Even if you’re not a confident person when it comes to arts and crafts, there’s plenty of information out there that will show you how to get started. Thanks to online video sharing websites, you’ll be able to find dozens of videos, teaching you how to make the outfit of your choice. Some of them might even tell you where to purchase the raw materials from, so you know exactly what to buy.

Ready to Dress Fancy?

Even if this is the first time you are preparing your kids for a fancy dress party, it doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. The suggestions provided above should be more than enough to help you buy, or make a cost efficient fancy dress outfit that your kids will love. In fact, you might enjoy the process of making their fancy dress outfit so much, that you’ll probably end up convincing them to go to another party in the near future!


Comic Book Heroes – The Perfect Role Models

There are some people who think that comic books are bad for kids. They think that the gender roles depicted in them are too conventional and that the muscular men and large breasted women set unrealistic beauty standards that negatively impact the self esteem of the kids that enjoy comics. I suspect that these type of people never even read comics!

Some comics are progressive in outlook. Obviously Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, who is an anarchist, generally prefers to promote left wing attitudes to gender and sexuality. Stan lee, owner of Marvel also leans toward egalitarian themes, but Steve Ditko, the creator of Spiderman, was a conservative and not interested in all that new age stuff.

Batman is one of the oldest comic book heroes of all (1939) and many accuse him of being a very reactionary character. His power comes from his strength of will, intelligence, fitness, skill and amazing technology which he has access to because he is rich. I think that Batman is a much better role model for kids than the other millionaire hero, Ironman. Bruce Wayne is polite and reserved while Tony Stark is vulgar and arrogant.

No matter how much parenting is politicised and people attempt to control every single thing that their child is exposed to, children will still instinctively enjoy heroism. Heroism is an eternal value that appears in all cultures throughout history; whether it be Odysseus in Ancient Greece, Beowulf in Old England or Captain America today. People with sociology degrees who hate the absolutism of good and bad depicted in comic books probably need some kind of translation services just so they can understand what comic book fans and kids the world over know by instinct.

I grew up reading comics like Conan the Barbarian, that doesn’t mean I feel the need to attain a body type just like his. I’m not discouraged by a depiction of an impossibly strong man, fearless in the face of evil, who destroys all his enemies without deliberation. This kind of character empowers all humanity, because it celebrates the strongest and most noble qualities of mankind. It doesn’t matter if it’s an uber-macho muscle man like Conan or an Amazonian warrior like Wonder woman don’t look like the “average” human being. Being a hero isn’t about being average, it’s about being exceptional.

I hope that children who grow up reading comics end up knowing how important it is to stand up for their values. They learn that one person can make a difference if they have strength of will and can overcome the evils of the world. It doesn’t damage their self-esteem, if anything it helps it.